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Joel Therien

Joel Therien is the CEO and founder of GVO, otherwise known as Global Virtual Opportunities, and if you mention GVO to anyone, the first thing they generally think of is the man himself, followed closely by his close friend and project manager, Mike Potvin.

Listen to my interview with Joel here
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GVO is an incredible hosting company providing affordable solutions for audio and video production, contact management and my favourite - GVOConference, which is an easy to use web conferencing suite!

Joel is the mastermind behind all these affordable, powerful stand alone systems,  but he also provides a built in global home business opportunity with them - IF you wish.

Now I have to admit, until I was introduced to GVO, I didn’t care much for MLM (multi-level-marketing) and network marketing opportunities, because I always felt they were too expensive for Mr and Mrs Average, but Joel’s products and opportunities are different.

I’d happily recommend his products to my family, friends and to YOU though if you were seeking generic online tools and services to help you develop or grow your business.

Joel’s career didn’t start on the internet.

Infact, his passion was, and still is, health, but it was through ill health he found his life taking off in a different direction.  His story helps convey the message when one door shuts another door opens.

’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to Joel and learning what he considers makes the difference between success and disappointment.

Apart from being an incredibly successful and busy person, Joel is also a really nice guy and I was delighted he found time to chat to me recently.